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Get your own geek.


Tech at the law firm making you nuts? Software going rogue? Frustrated that you don't automate more tasks?
Get yourself your own legal geek to tame your technology. We are attorneys who understand tech and how to make it work for you and your law firm. A firm that utilizes technology efficiently is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors because they can focus on what they do best - giving legal advice.

47% of Lawyers are Frustrated By Their Tech

Don't be a statistic! Spend minutes learning what can save you hours.

In-Person Services

In Office Tech Day

Schedule legal tech day at your office and make your tech work for you. We can show you how to automate and obtain maximum efficiency using tech you already have. We come to you for 8 hours and build the curriculum around the issues you identify, the issues we typically see, your automation desires, and the list of software you currently have.

Remote Services

Online Tech Guidance

Prefer to learn online? We can do a remote session and show you how to make your tech work for you in the comfort of your home, office, or even the local coffee shop. We collect your information and put together a custom curriculum based on your software and your automation desires.

Written Materials

Just Show Me How

More of the self-learn type? We can provide you with written materials and step-by-step guides for the software you already have so that you can learn it, tweak settings, and take control of your computer and your software.

Legal Technology Training

From novice to geek we can teach you how to use your system (or help you build a system) that works for you and your team. Technology that you do not use or understand is a waste of a resource and your money. Take control of your office, gadgets, and software.
Not sure how to really use your iPad? Confused by your PC or Mac? Can't decide whether you want a PC or a Mac? Interested in digital notetaking? No idea what scanner to buy? Can't figure out your case management software? We can teach you how to use your tech or what tech to buy. If you have a question about technology in your law firm, we have the answer.

In Office Tech Day


Prior to your tech day commencing, we do an intake call and collect the data about the software you already have and your team. We coordinate a day and time to come to you and teach your staff (on their machines) how to automate and use their technology efficiently.

  • Identify your software

  • Identify your equipment

  • Identify what slows you down

  • Identify what you want to automate

  • Implement same-day in your office

Remote Tech Assistance

$149 /hr

Having periodic issues with your tech? Just need some guidance on a particular issue? No need to schedule an in-person full day, we can assist you remotely per hour. One hour minimum applies.

  • Automate specific tasks

  • Quick answers to tech and software questions

  • Guidance for technology purchases

  • Guidance in selecting legal software and practice management software

  • Build your own solution with our team

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